We're Looking for fiscal sponsorship for Black Python Devs.

If you know a non-profit that would love to host funding for the fastest growing community of Black, Colored, and Coloured Pythonistas on the planet.

TLDR: We’d like to collect matchable funding and would like to not make our own Non-Profit.

@ThePSF and @opencollective's community sponsorships are currently paused.

Other orgs all seem to be too narrow or too broad in scope to support a GLOBAL community of PYTHON developers

LLMs are degrading the internet ecosystem in many ways. The biggest is they’ve broken the symbiosis of websites benefiting from content being open to crawling since it leads to search traffic.

The rise in spam for everyone who accepts submissions is also a massive problem. I’d initially thought this would mainly affect social media sites but we now see bug reports, book publishers, etc being overwhelmed as well.


SciPy 2024 will be in Tacoma, WA this year! 🎉 (I've been told this is no longer privileged information, and can be shared publicly.)

We'll be in the Greater Tacoma Convention Center July 8th-14th. To celebrate the announcement, I made 2 things:

1. A chirp.social group: @SciPy2024 This is a mastodon bot that will boost any post that mentions it. Follow it for updates
2. I threw together a small promotional image. I was feeling Art Deco today 😃

@SciPyConf @scipy #scipy #scipy2024 #pnw #Tacoma

@kellogh This is brilliant -- #fossil, a Mastodon client that groups posts by topic, rather than chronologically.

Take a look at the screenshot in this blog post.


This whole conference debacle is so disappointing. Speakers, when invited to a conf will say “who alls gonna be there?” I’ve my rules for participation posted on my site - including an inclusive lineup - for years. I was duped by the fake speakers also.

I remind all conf organizers that there are THOUSANDS of speakers of all walks of life, genders, ages, backgrounds. I offer 920 for you to invite to your confs hanselminutes.com/episodes inclusion means doing the work. So, do the work, friends.

International Men's Day today!

Reminder to check in with the men in your life, some of whom may have been repeating "just got to get through this week" in their head for years.

I hope we're gradually changing the culture to be more humane for everyone, but in the meantime remember: people don't fake being depressed, they fake being OK.

Check out all the speakers for the first ever Global PyLadies Conference 🤩 @pyladiescon


Registration is free to everyone because we want it to be inclusive and accessible. If you can though, support us by sponsoring or donating to PyLadies.
Contact sponsors at PyLadies dot com for sponsorship opportunities. To donate, you can do it directly on the registration site.


#Python #conference #pyladies #pyladiescon

Data labeling and content moderation gigs are the new sweatshops

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I don't think we talk enough about how AI fundamentally depends on human input and labor and how this is currently obtained.

I finally have time to play Baldur's Gate 3! It's beautiful so far. It doesn't beat the amazing Divinity 2 soundtrack but the gameplay is pretty smooth.

As far as we know, black holes can only be formed by the death of massive stars, but a persistent theory says that black holes of all masses could have formed directly in the early Universe. These primordial black holes would help explain several mysteries in astronomy: outlier mergers of black holes, dark matter, and young supermassive black holes. How are they different from stellar mass black holes, and what upcoming instruments could detect them?


Does the animal we see on Mastodon server error pages have a name, and can it please be #Errorphant?

ICYMI -- the SciPy2023 CFP is now open: scipy2023.scipy.org/present

Main track themes this year are:
- machine learning, data science, and ethics in AI
- tending your open source garden: maintenance and community

Deadline is 22 Feb

📣Are you interested in submitting a proposal to speak at #SciPy2023?

The conference organizers are hosting 2 workshops on 🗓️February 15, 5:00-6:00 p.m. CST and February 17, 12:00-1:00 p.m. CST 🗓️ to help you workshop and prepare your submission.

First-time speakers are encouraged!


I just discovered this album called "Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip Hop Experiment" and my mind is blown

No one slept good last night. She wants to be near one of us because she knows we’re sad. She’s been our best dog friend for a long time.

Today, February 1st, the Dutch look back on the great flood of 1953, which took the lives of more than 1,800 people. Olivier Hoes (#TUDelft water management researcher) made this impressive time-lapse, showing the way the water spread during the first two days of the #Watersnoodramp.

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