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To whet your appetite, the first two talks of #QIP2023 can be found on our YouTube channel:

This molecular #cloud is completely #dark. You can observe it in visible with one of the largest #telescope on #Earth, as in this #APOD #picture, it is still opaque.
The only way to observe through this cloud is to observe at longer wavelength, in the near infrared where the cloud become transparent.

#Astronomy #Space

Barnard 68: Dark Molecular Cloud
Image Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT Antu, ESO

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#PRXQuantum #Physics #Quantum
A new perspective on the emergence of statistical behavior in chaotic quantum many-body systems is presented, establishing projected ensembles as a relevant tool for the characterization of information-theoretic properties.

Apparently people don't just like emulated calculators in the browser - they love it, and want more.

So come enjoy the CALCULATOR DRAWER, a dozen plus emulated calculators and (where I could find them) the manuals. Get calculating!

To me, the measure of whether a social media service is still human is simple: if we met in person, would I buy you a beer?

Back in 2009, I regularly bought people beer at Twitter meet-ups. Or “Tweet-Ups” as we called them.

Now I would likely never meet someone off Twitter.

From the Fediverse, yes.

There’s genuine humans here.

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Right now a build of #Python for #WASI is:

- 21MB for `python.wasm
- 19MB for all the `.py` in the stdlib
- 22MB for all the `.pyc` in the stdlib

The stdlib is outside `python.wasm` so you can trim it down if desired, but it complicates distribution since you need to map it into the WASI runtime appropriately (specifically to `/lib`). Would people prefer a self-contained, larger `python.wasm` binary (i.e. frozen stdlib), or keep the stdlib separate for easier customization?

#PRXQuantum #Physics #Quantum
Tutorial: A pedagogical and comprehensive introduction to the full quantum description of intense laser-matter interactions and its potential for quantum state engineering is presented.

#PRXQuantum #Physics #Quantum
The fidelity of the QAOA algorithm is found to obey a scaling law associated with the bond dimension of matrix product states, benchmarking the performance of quantum hardware in realistic setups. #rigetti

A neat and very graphical introduction to group theory from basic principles

Compiling my yearly top-papers list and "MaxViT: Multi-axis Vision Transformer" should probably make the cut.

MaxViT is a vision transformer with local-global interaction between visual tokens within a single block.

The so-called multi-axis attention scales linearly (vs quadratic complexity in the original ViT).

You can use it for
- classification
- object detection
- instance segmentation

and generative modeling.



Check out @jtp 's tutorial video on how to make a jupyterlab extension for the newest release!

@paul welcome to Mastodon! Would you like to share an about yourself?

Even if I still hold a lot of grudges against #matplotlib and #python, it's always a bliss to hack something like that in 35 lines of code.

Today kicks off the Season of "Well, looks like we're going to have to push the release date into January"
Best wishes to all who celebrate! #projectmanagement #holidays

Just a reminder, Transactions on Quantum Engineering is an open-access journal on all aspects of engineering related to quantum systems, including hardware, software, communications, supporting technologies, and education. Editor in chief is yours truly! Check out the papers on the front page as well as IEEE Xplore to see what's relevant or interesting to you.

Been coding for ~15 years, here are my top 5 programming tips

-Get a good chair
-Get up and walk more often
-Drink more water
-Don’t sit hunched, raise your monitor/laptop monitor height
-Know when to stop for the day

*your code is gonna be much better

#programming #gamedev

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